My Work

Over the past 20+ years I’ve been lucky enough to help some incredible brands with interesting problems that connect design with strategy, technology, and the broader customer experience.  That work can broadly be categorized in four areas:

Systems Design
My foundational experience is thinking and designing in large, complex system environments, helping organizations harmonize the relationship between functional structures (and the inherent strengths and weaknesses therein) and user behavior to deliver people-centric experiences that are intuitive, efficient, easy to use, and effectively fulfill the human needs there were built to address. Some examples >
Product Definition
I organize and lead multidisciplinary teams of designers, strategists, and technologists to envision, create, and evolve digitally-centric products that are functional, effective, and appealing – from web and mobile apps to connected devices – and bring a systematic design approach to ensure the products can scale and evolve for the long-term.  Some examples >
Engagement Marketing
Because a business only exists with customers, I’ve led teams that helped develop and execute creative means of foster customer engagement with a brand or product by bringing together insights about how that brand, marketing technologies (both foundational and emerging), audience preferences, and actual human behaviors converge to inspire messages and interactions that can exist as a single or omnichannel experience. Some examples >
CX Design
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